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With over 25 years of experience fanucci has been providing the highest quality of kitchen worktops to the people of London. 

Our elegant stones are highly crafted to fit any kitchen cut to make your dream kitchen come true. 

Our team is ready to come for a free consultation to provide you with easier understanding of which stone, or brand could suit better for your kitchen. 

Your Dream Kitchen Marble, Quartz and Granite Starts Here

Our Brands
What we do

Select your stone type and colour

Receive the quote based on your requirements

We visit your home for measurements and template

We fabricate and come to make sure the size fits perfectly

We come and install and give you your guarantee

Our Stones

Kitchen Granite Worktops

One of the hardest materials on earth and incredibly easy to clean. As a natural material, no two pieces are ever exactly alike with variation in thickness, colour, grain and vein offering a unique finish that man-made substances can’t match. Granite is an excellent choice, combining hard wearing properties with timeless style.


Kitchen Marble Worktops

Most buildings that have tested the passage of time are made of natural marble. This type of stone is a metamorphic rock that is a common choice when it comes to marble flooring in the UK. This means that through a natural process, the original minerals become crystallized. It results in the unique sheen with infinite different patterns.


Kitchen Quartz Worktops

Quartz stone is created from 95% natural quartz with polymer resins and is now one of the most popular material used for kitchen and bathroom worktops & countertops.

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